About Us

Documents are the vehicle by which your company transfers information. Whether communicating internally or to external sources, the success of your business relies on documents. For this reason, it is important that your office equipment runs at its highest capacity. MBS Business Systems understands this importance and strives to bring you the very best products and services to help improve the efficiency of your office.

MBS has been serving the San Jose, Santa Clara & the Central Coast of California since 1982. For more than 30 years, we have provided the latest in office technology equipment to businesses of all sizes.  MBS offers reliable and innovative products that copy, print, fax and scan…. to document storage, retrieval and management software solutions.  We also can help with your computer systems and network, providing  24/7 IT network monitoring along with on-site IT technicians whenever you need us!

MBS is committed to working locally to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of our community. With MBS, you will gain a partnership that will help you manage your documents efficiently, securely and cost-effectively. In addition to effective document management, MBS Business Systems provides environmental-friendly options to enhance local community programs. Our MBS team is dedicated, ethical and committed to the success of those companies who strive for economic and environmental well being.

MBS Business Systems offers our clients not only world-class products, but they all enjoy experienced, first-class service from MBS technicians and their response time is unsurpassed. Everyone at MBS Business Systems prides themselves on providing innovative information solutions and unrivaled customer service. Teamwork, continuous education, open communication and personal accountability guarantee you receive the best possible service and products at all times.

Environmental Responsibility

Your technology needs to be easy to use as well as gentle on the environment. With Monterey Bay Systems, you will have the opportunity to implement green technology in your office. Reduced energy consumption, maximum recycling capabilities and sustainability not only help the environment, but can also increase your profits and productivity.

Our innovative imaging solutions make efficient use of energy while enhancing office productivity. Replacing stand-alone copiers, printers and faxes with energy saving multi-function devices not only lowers your cost of ownership, but also lowers your energy bill. Double-sided printing cuts paper waste and with duplex speeds at 95% of simplex, you’ll barely notice a difference in speed.

With the help of MBS and our environmentally sensitive suppliers, you’ll worry less about your carbon footprint. You can rely on us to recycle your depleted toner cartridges and make sure that obsolete equipment is properly de-manufactured. If discarded cartridges end up in a landfill, it can take centuries for them to biodegrade, if at all. With the help of our manufacturing partners, we can ensure that virtually nothing goes to waste. With programs that reduce, reuse, and recycle end-of-life products, we help our customers divert tons of resources from landfills each year. MBS will be your partner in implementing a total green office solution.

MBS Commitment to Service

MBS prides itself on having experienced, professional and ethical salespeople that honestly care about what is best for your business. The true cost of the equipment will be fully explained including maintenance costs for the life of the equipment, in addition to finance and lease end options. Your continuing satisfaction is important to maintaining a successful long term business relationship; long after your sales contract is complete, you will continue to experience unmatched support from our customer service team.

You deserve superior service every step of the way! Your documents are vital to the success of your organization and we want to give you the tools to keep your workflows

When your company requests service, you can rest assured you are speaking with the largest local service and IT staff in the South Bay region. No waiting  for an out-of-town technician to travel to your office or for parts to be ordered — your equipment will be serviced by highly trained technicians who each drive a fully parts-stocked company car just a phone call away. Should your needs go beyond what our techs stock on hand, our centrally located 14,000 square foot warehouse is only minutes away.

Local and independent ownership means your business’s specific needs will be addressed quickly and affordably.  Decisions can be made on a case-by-case basis to ensure you are completely satisfied. With MBS, you can be confident we will provide the best of all scenarios; great pricing, local service and the ability to make on the spot decisions that will benefit your company and keep your document flow working.