Clean Planet Recycling Program

Clean Planet Recycle Program from Konica Minolta


Click Here for the Recycling Program from Konica Minolta

Important!!! This is a 2-Step process! See steps below…

  • Step 1 – Fill out the form accordingly with your location address (where you want to receive the recycling container or labels).
    • below are your Recycling options.
    • On the drop-down, select one of the 3 options.
    • (Below are visual examples of what your options are)
  • Step 2 – Once the form is submitted you will receive an email within 24 hours to order the Labels, Box or Gaylord Recycling System.
    • Note: the boxes or labels are not ordered until you receive the Clean Planet email that your registration is complete. From there you can order your containers or labels.
Clean Planet BOX Program

Clean Planet BOX Program

Shipping Label Program

Shipping Labels Program

Gaylord Shipping Program

Gaylord Shipping Program

Konica Minolta has developed the industry’s first cost-free plan for recycling consumables from every product we sell*, including:

Toner cartridges, Imaging units, Waste toner bottles, Developer Units, Drums

We do it all:

  • Pay for return shipping
  • Provide recycling containers
  • Make use of regional facilities thereby reducing transport emissions

It makes great sense to our customers: Clean Planet is easy and free!

*Please recycle efficiently. If you have printer/copiers from other manufacturers, we encourage you to take advantage of their recycling programs. We reserve the right to recover costs for unauthorized items returned using our program.

Small and home office customers, single consumable items can be recycled by printing a postage paid UPS label here. Simply package your used consumable in your new consumable box and ship via UPS.

Mid-sized customers, a recycling box designed to hold 10-15 items (consumables only, not shipping materials) can be ordered here. Just assemble the box and the reusable lid and place it in your office. When the box is full, you an print out a UPS label from this site, apply it to the box and ship via UPS. Please note: only Konica Minolta Clean Planet boxes will be accepted.

High-volume customers, Konica Minolta can arrange for the delivery and pickup of recycling pallets that hold a larger quantity of consumable items (not shipping materials). Please contact your local sales office for details.

Optimized Print Service customers, please continue to use your OPS process to ship back consumables. For devices that do not already include a process, print labels here.

Customers who recycle a large volume of Konica Minolta consumables on an ongoing basis, you may want to consider a pallet-sized box to be installed at your location. Please contact your Konica Minolta sales representative for more details regarding this service.

Please note: Electronic Waste Recycling Programs Vary
The electronic waste recycling programs in the County of Santa Clara in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin have varying stipulations regarding the recycling of waste printers. If you are interested in recycling your Konica Minolta Business Solutions computer printer under one of these programs, please contact David Pasquini at the Konica Minolta Environmental Program (EP) Center.

Since Konica Minolta toner bottles are made of a material designed for recycling in local facilities, Konica Minolta cannot accept shipment of these empty bottles. Please check the rules of your municipality for specific information.